This unusual four piece from London have returned with release number four. Once again they have put forward a collection of songs that combine all manner of different ideas yet make them all fit together nicely.

We Yes You No are always pushing the musical boundaries looking for new sounds and ways to incorporate them together and this, their latest EP, is no exception. They throw in bits of Brit-pop psychedelica and post-punk to produce their very own hybrid beast! There are a lot of sounds flowing in and out of the music that while on their own seem disjointed manage to work in a strange yet beautiful way. The music sways from being calm and collected one moment to being chaotic the next but all seeming in place as the band takes off on yet another unconventional and unpredictable journey.

Es muss sein is a darker piece, starting slowly and gradually increasing in intensity becoming more and more chaotic as it progresses. The Art of falling backwards takes on a soft indie pop sound reminiscent of Radiohead’s early work.  Details features Mr Paul calmly delivering his lines while (what sounds like) gargling occurs in the background and as Syd Barrett-esq bridge with a heap of horns going off. Death shows off an effective use of vocal harmonies while having a curious collection of piano tunes going off in the background. One of six billion is a chilling post-punk offering that gives off a feeling of vulnerability. Tricycle joyride is a catchy 80s influenced pop tune that has all the elements of a likable radio single while retaining We Yes You No’s unconventional charm!

This release shows We Yes You No continue to develop their sound into something that is now unmistakably their own. Their curiosity and experimentation with anything that makes a sound has made them one of the most interesting new bands around with each offering producing something new and exciting. If you’ve become bored with musical clones and imitations and want to hear something new and inventive then listen to this EP!


To hear songs off the EP check out the band’s website!