Number ten

Hop on Pop – Chicken on a Bicycle

Hop on Pop is the musical brain child of Chicago-based singer/songwriter Todd Leiter-Weintraub. In a similar vein to the two John’s of They Might Be Giants or E from the Eels, Todd is the one constant member of the band with various people hopping on for a song or two and then hopping off. This is the bands second release however their debut offering As drawn by Ethan seems a very long way away from this record. They have taken on a slightly more folk style with all sorts of quirks along the way as a result the album fits more with the initial concept and is full of all sorts of interesting twists and turns. A lot is crammed into this album with a lot of colour, life and no dull moments.

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Number nine

Killing Joke – Absolute dissent

This pioneering post punk band reformed this year with their first album with their original line up in almost three decades. Absolute Dissent shows the band able to pick up where they left off smoothly sounding as if they never were apart! On offer are 12 tracks full of energy, aggression and heavy layers of solid sound! An added bonus to this release is the Absolute Respect disc featuring cover versions from the likes of Helmet, Metallica and Fear Factory!

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Number eight
Primitive Radio Gods – Out Alive

The Primitive Radio Gods have come a long way since their debut single with a really long title. Over the 13 tracks here they have continued their experimentation to embark on new sounds and textures. If you’ve been following the Primitive Radio Gods music over the past ten years or just like hearing new and interesting sounds then this is well worth a listen.

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Number seven

Mercurial – Inertia Tides

This four piece from Perth have put out yet another hard hitting metal release. Over the album there is a good mix of heavy moments as well as slower atmospheric sounds and all sorts of other twists, turns and experimentation along the way with the different elements working together seamlessly!  The guitars exert a lot of power, the solid synths give the music an atmospheric depth the intense drumming keeps the energy up the whole way through. This is all topped off with Brent Tunbridge’s brilliant vocals that pulls off the dry lung grown and the medleys with great flair! This is an action packed album full of grunt and energy with no dull moments!

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Number six

Shihad – Ignite

New Zealand rockers are back with album number seven! On offer is a collection of 10 hard hitting tracks full of intensity and grunt! This is very much a return to form for the Wellington four piece as they return to the raw and heavy sounds that initially blasted them onto the Trans-Tasman music scene. The band force out a massive heavy sound reaching some of the highest levels of raw energy they’ve ever reached. This is topped off with the potent vocals of Jon Toogood that leads the charge! This is loud, dirty and raw rock at its best!

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Number Five

Massive Attack – Heligolard

Bristol’s trip-hop duo have returned with another epic release! This time the trip-hop pioneers have taken on a more airy ambient feel while retaining the weird and wonderful sounds they have been known for.  Once again Massive Attack have outsourced the vocals, this time around featuring the likes of TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Blur’s Damon Albarn and Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, all of whom lead the trip-hop soundtrack perfectly to complement the vibrant ambiance!

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Number Four

Minor Elite – Minor Elite

The Minor Elite are a 4 piece from Brisbane who formed in 2009; this is their first release with 12 solid tunes on offer! The band has an indie sound with a mix of shoegazing and grunge elements influenced by bands from Ride to Alice in Chains. There are some brilliant sounds coming out of the guitars going from laid back distortion to loud thrashes. These are backed up by some solid drumming that follows the rhythm. The music is led by some solid vocals that go from being soft and laid back to loud and heavy as the music progresses.

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Number Three

Eels – End Times

Mr E has been rather busy over the past two years putting out three albums. This is the middle album of the trilogy and continues the Eels dark and gloomy sound  covering themes of divorce and aging.  Once again E pours in a massive amount of passion into his music to reach emotionally moving heights that few other artists could ever reach! As a result this is yet another amazing record full of heart felt tunes that are both moving and full of imagery and life!

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Number two

Marble Sounds – Nice is good

Nice is good is the debut full length release from Pieter Van Dessel’s brain child. Marble Sounds have put together their own brand of experimental indie pop. There are elements of the Teenage Fanclub, Ride and Guided by Voices mixed in but the band have created their own distinctive sound.  This is a collection of soft and sweet indie tunes with whispering vocal delivery, beautiful harmonies and vibrant sounds. The music is cleverly crafted and full of life with all sorts of interesting sounds and textures over its duration.

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Number One
Les Discrets – Septembre et ses dernières Pensées

French rockers Les Discrets have taken out the Tomatrax album of the year title for 2010 with their debut full length release Septembre et ses dernières Pensées! The band mixes heavy metal elements reminiscent of Rammstein and Alcest with the grunge / shoegaze sounds of Ride and the Jesus and Mary Chain. The result is an amazing sound that is full on and hard hitting while possessing deep atmospheric layers.  All sorts of vibes and textures are explored over the record taking the listener on a dramatic journey surrounding them with a massive wall of sound!  As a result the band produces a massive heavy style that is their very own!

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