The William Street Strikers are a new four piece from Adelaide. This is their debut release and offers a large range of sounds in just under 13 minutes!

The title track is a solid rock tune with a hint of funk mixed in. The band are all very tight and exert a lot of energy and a big sound. The result is a very solid tune that will get your head banging in no time! Instant Pizza world is a solid post punkish tune. The track has a dark chilling vibe the whole way through with some curious guitar distortion holding the various elements together. The bass line is quite catchy and engaging which is matched my some energetic guitar riffs and solid drumming. Petey is a slower more melancholy tune reminiscent of Died Pretty or the Church. There’s a lot of activity in this track all of which fits together nicely creating a solid layer of atmosphere. The guitar is putting out that vintage Australian sound which is topped with strong echoing vocals. The EP closes with the chilling Laughing my way to hell. Mixing country and hard rock elements they put together a powerful ballad that closes the CD well!

This is a very solid EP with a lot on offer. Over the four tracks the band explores various musical sounds and styles and pull them all off with colourful flair!


To hear William Street Strikers music check out their Unearthed page or their myspace page!