Radio Star are a four piece from Melbourne, this is their debut single showing a lot of promise with their own brand of pop music.

All the things we did is a bright poppy rock tune with elements of the Beach Boys, Snow Patrol and the Doves all mixed in. The track is very energetic and catchy moving from a soft indie pop sound to a louder rock sound and back again. The track is put together quite slickly making it the perfect radio single. At the same time there is all sorts of interesting experimentation to give it a strong alternative edge.

The Ballad of Robert Brown is a catchy indie pop tune sounding like The Cure of the late ’80s / early ’90s era. The tune races by with a heap of energy and full of life. There are all sorts of colours and textures explored in the background courtesy of the cleverly crafted sounds.

Summertime is a stripped back acoustic tune, it has quite a raw feel and works well as a unplugged grungy offering.

This is a solid Single that shows a lot of promise. On offer is a great poppy tune along with two quality b-sides showing a fair range of styles and sounds all pulled off well!


To hear Radio Star’s music check out their pages on Myspace or on Triple J Unearthed.